Man and his wellbeing have always been the focus of Cesar’s attention.
This is why the company complies with international environmental
regulations and adopts innovative solutions in its production activities to protect the environment and the health of consumers . These values are fully expressed in its furniture by using ecological Idroleb panels that have a very low emission of formaldehyde as well as wood panels bearing the FSC® mark that guarantees the traceability of the wood used and that is comes from responsibly managed forests.

Uni EN Iso

The production takes place in our plant where we use the latest technology.
Our managerial and production processes have both received the international ISO 9001 certification.


The responsible forest management label

The Forest Stewardship Council® label indicates that the wood used to manufacture the product comes from forests that are properly managed in compliance with strict environmental, social and economical standards. The source forest has been independently controlled and assessed in compliance with the forest stewardship principles and criteria established and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC is a no-profit international association that includes, amongst its members, environmental-protection and social groups as well as industries involved in the initial working, transformation and commercialisation of wood that collaborate to improve forest stewardship throughout the world. The silk-effect lacquered Yara model is the first model produced by us that uses FSC certified doors.

The Idroleb label

The Idroleb ecological panel boasts formaldehyde emissions lower than 0.04 ppm i.e. even lower than the current established limit of 0.1 ppm. What makes this panel unique is, above all, the certification of its entire production process that must also comply with the CATAS standards. Moreover, it is composed of 100% FSC-certified recycled wood and, by using it, 10,000 trees are saved every day.