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The Design

We produce furniture with a refined, contemporary style, capable of nurturing the pleasure of togetherness and the warmth of domestic life. We constantly transform our passion into projects that transmit emotions and express utmost functionality and that offer minimalist shapes together with great customisation potential in terms of volumes, colours, ideas and even functions. All this stems from a consolidated process consisting in attention to market trends, creativity and technology.

By carefully heeding market requirements, Cesar is able to identify the right product to satisfy the requests of consumers.  The aesthetic and functional features of a new project are defined through the close collaboration of the Designer and Cesar’s Research & Development team.




The design expresses the results of the information received from Cesar in the first sketches of the new product: from a detail to an overall view.


Once any modifications have been decided as the outcome of an ongoing exchange of ideas and considerations with the company’s team, the designer and his team develop the product renders that realistically simulate the construction details and finishes.



The prototypes takes shape and these are used for the final definition of the range of finishes as well as of the accessories and of the mechanical aspects of the new model. In the meantime, the designer creates the various arrangements that will be photographed for the catalogue of the new collection.




Cesar’s technical department studies and checks product industrialisation, making additional corrections if necessary and focusing on the optimisation of the production process. An exchange of information with suppliers is also important at this stage. This may result in more technical improvements in the construction of some of the components.


Everything is now ready to start producing the new model. This is an ongoing process that makes Cesar’s range of furniture grow and evolve, while continuously improving its quality and the recognizability of its products on its benchmark markets.