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Wall Waiter

Wall Waiter is an innovative multi-functional module
that can hold and organise many of the objects used in the kitchen.
The pull-down front becomes an extra shelf while the integrated led light
illuminates the worktop and the accessories used most frequently.
The modules can be used on their own, in a line or one on top
of the other for utmost planning freedom.
Design by Garcia Cumini.

The four modular units available (60, 90, 120 e 150 cm) can be used by themselves, in a line or one on top of the other to suit any kitchen project.
A led light integrated in the structure illuminates the surface and the accessories while creating a warm, intimate atmosphere.
Various utensils can be hung from the hooks to optimise the space available and have everything readily at hand.
When shut, the pull-down flap organises and conceals many of the small accessories used in the kitchen; when open, it becomes an additional shelf that increases the surfaces available.
Wall Waiter is composed of two aluminium profiles and is available in titanium and white, creating a pleasantly minimalist aesthetic effect.