When installed inside base, wall, tall units and jumbo drawers it offers a perfect view of their contents. If installed below wall units it sheds just the right light on the worktop to make food preparation safe and easy. Lighting is fundamental in a kitchen, not only from a practical viewpoint but also because of the particular atmosphere it creates.



Kitchens which interpret modern lifestyles, projects which bring our expertise and elegance to the room in which we spend so much of our day, compositions whose lines intersect to create unique and highly-functional kitchen areas. Carefully-selected materials, modern technology and a creative approach to design come together in a leitmotiv which characterises every aspect of a kitchen. This is the philosophy that our partners, with their exceptional creative and design skills, bring to life in every model in the Cesar range.

Kitchens – Elle


Elle has bold lines that define rigorous and spectacular, eye-catching arrangements. It stands out for the 45 degree edges of its doors, worktops and end supporting panels. An original idea that produces an unusual visual effect: the thicknesses of the materials seem to disappear, creating the impression of great lightness.

The production


Cesar’s furniture is totally Made in Italy: it is produced inside the production plant in Pramaggiore, on a built-on surface of 25,000 m2 and an open surface of 80,000 m2. This makes it possible to directly control the quality of each component and of each single phase of the production process. Thanks to the attention that Cesar pays to raw materials and to the finished product, to the methods applied at all the company’s organisational levels, it can be rightly said that Cesar’s production meets Total Quality requirements.